Friday, May 23, 2008

at loose ends

    It is always the strangest feeling when a term is over... suddenly there are no articles on your flash drive which need to be read, no (in my case with online classes) discussion board postings to check, no chat to attend. For just a short while, I feel at loose ends.

    It never lasts long, though. Because, in truth, there is always something waiting to be read... and done... but, for part of the next couple of days, however (full-term summer classes begin Tuesday), I shall read fiction and knit and catch up on Bones, House, NCIS, the CSI Triad, maybe some L&O Spinoff and Anthony Bourdain.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

lovin' the puzzlin'

On my unathorized name headings:

Chrzhevs*ky*i, Dmytro,b. 1894

In the 245 field:

Dmitrij Cizevskij

No authorized record found for any variation/combination I could construct...

Entered the name from 245 to Google search, bounced around a couple of sites to -- I know, I know -- to the German Wikipedia and eventually found the AR (on which there are seemingly dozens of spellings):

Tschizewskij, Dmitrij, 1894-1977

That's my "atta-girl" for today.

Friday, May 2, 2008

movin' on

I hate neglecting this little blog. When I began it in January 2007, it was to vent my frustrations and to "crab." Those negative posts have been banished, deleted even. I want to do something positive with it, to add to the biblioblogosphere in my own small, albeit anonymous, way.