Tuesday, October 21, 2008

no eco- here

Here I sit. With my undergrad degree and decades of practical life experience, in a job which any high-schooler could learn to do... and there are mostly high-school grads, of various ages, working around me. Turned down for a job for which I am quite qualified, I wonder again at my foolishness thinking any one is going to hire me, at my age, for even an entry-level professional librarian position, much less one of good salary, responsibility and challenge. What a waste of money. Wrong time, wrong place. Again.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

looking ahead

In a perfect world, on August 31st, I would begin a new, professional-level position after having resigned my current job as of May 2nd and receiving my Master's degree at commencement on May 8th. Following graduation, I would travel to India for three weeks, return home for conferences in Arlington, Texas, then Nashville, Tennessee. I'd spend the next month preparing for two weeks of training in Atlanta, Georgia and return home for a week of rest before getting on with my 'new' life.

just puttin' it out there for the Universe to contemplate...

otherwise, I need to revise my plan or come up with 240 hours of annual leave

Friday, May 23, 2008

at loose ends

    It is always the strangest feeling when a term is over... suddenly there are no articles on your flash drive which need to be read, no (in my case with online classes) discussion board postings to check, no chat to attend. For just a short while, I feel at loose ends.

    It never lasts long, though. Because, in truth, there is always something waiting to be read... and done... but, for part of the next couple of days, however (full-term summer classes begin Tuesday), I shall read fiction and knit and catch up on Bones, House, NCIS, the CSI Triad, maybe some L&O Spinoff and Anthony Bourdain.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

lovin' the puzzlin'

On my unathorized name headings:

Chrzhevs*ky*i, Dmytro,b. 1894

In the 245 field:

Dmitrij Cizevskij

No authorized record found for any variation/combination I could construct...

Entered the name from 245 to Google search, bounced around a couple of sites to -- I know, I know -- to the German Wikipedia and eventually found the AR (on which there are seemingly dozens of spellings):

Tschizewskij, Dmitrij, 1894-1977

That's my "atta-girl" for today.

Friday, May 2, 2008

movin' on

I hate neglecting this little blog. When I began it in January 2007, it was to vent my frustrations and to "crab." Those negative posts have been banished, deleted even. I want to do something positive with it, to add to the biblioblogosphere in my own small, albeit anonymous, way.

Friday, February 15, 2008

LOC cites Wikipedia???

LC Control Number: n 80036594
HEADING: Thiele, Colin
000 00984cz a2200217n 450
001 971249
005 20060905092919.0
008 800331n| acannaabn |a aaa
010 __ |a n 80036594
035 __ |a (OCoLC)oca00418734
040 __ |a DLC |b eng |c DLC |d DLC |d TxCM |d OCoLC |d DLC
053 _0 |a PR9619.3.T442
100 1_ |a Thiele, Colin
400 1_ |a Thiele, C. |q (Colin)
670 __ |a His The golden lightning, 1952?
670 __ |a His Seashores and shadows, 1985: |b t.p. (Colin Thiele) Aus CIP (Thiele, Colin Milton, 1920- )
670 __ |a Schafdiebe in der Nacht, 1964: |b t.p. (Colin Thiele) spine (C. Thiele)
670 __ |a Email from AuPaJTL, Sept. 4, 2006 |b (ABC Melbourne radio news, 4 Sep. 2006: Colin Thiele died today in Brisbane, Qld.)
670 __ |a Wikipedia WWW site, Sept. 5, 2006 |b (Colin Thiele, AC; b. Nov. 16, 1920, Eudunda, S. Aust.; d. Sept. 4, 2006, Brisbane; Australian author and educator, renowned for his award-winning children’s fiction)
952 __ |a RETRO
953 __ |a xx00 |b vl09

It isn't whether the content is accurate (in this case), but that academia in general does not accept Wikipedia as reference source.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

new year, new focus

    The last post on this pitiful little blog was at the beginning of the fall term of 2007. Those classes are over and grades are posted. I only somehow managed a "B" an "A" in Lib Mgmt, and had to take an incomplete in Intro to IS. So much for my 4.0.

    Needless to say, it was a rough semeseter. Problems with health, problems at work, stress over both . . . an absent husband for 7 weeks and nothing but car troubles that whole time. But, things began to improve in December, and now a new year is upon me.

    In order to speed along my degree progress, and because the class appealed to me, I decided to take an interim (or mini-) session course about Internet resources and applications. It is taught by a visiting professor from Texas.

We are covering: establishment and development of the Internet, use of the Internet, evaluating information on the Internet, basic webpage creation, emerging Internet-based software and tools (specifically focusing on social software, including blogs, RSS, wikis, online communities, podcasting, gaming) -- all with a look toward how libraries can (and whether they should??) incorporate these tools into their programs and websites.

    I suppose younger students will think me terribly old to be interested in such things, but I've been involved in online communities for over 10 years. I've built my own PCs, I've worked on my own and others' computers, I've repaired my own laptops on many occasions. I love computers and I love what the Internet has done to increase my access to information and to other people.

For example, I met online a woman from New Zealand, now living in Oregon, who was born on the same date as me. Not the same day of the year, but the same day in the same year. We became good friends, and although our paths have diverged since I returned to college in 2004, we still exchange birthday greetings and small, special (usually handmade -- we met on a beading forum) gifts now and then. We call ourselves "Moon Sisters."

    Although I currently work in cataloging (and I do love processing the new books), I think my heart is in systems or IT librarianship. This is the first non-required course in my degree program, and I am rethinking the others I had planned to take in light of how they will or will not provide training in the IT areas.

    I am certainly looking forward to the path my life will take in the next 12 to 24 months.