Sunday, February 11, 2007

confusion ahead

    Im getting really frustrated. Four weeks into the program and I have to say, I am less than happy. And I am not quite sure what to do . . .

    In one class, we have readings, both text and journal articles, then once a week, we all meet to discuss them. The discussions are student-led; if we have questions, only our fellow students answer.

    In the other class, the professor "lectures" once a week. You are required to be present for only two of the lectures all semester, however, you are responsible for the content of all the lectures. The first night we had about 20 minutes of lecture.

    I'm luckier than most in that by being a university employee I recieve a six-hour tuition scholarship per semester, and I'm using borrowed textbooks. So, all I'm out-of-pocket personally are the technology fees imposed by the university (perhaps so they don't have to raise tuition as much as they really wanted to??). But, I'm still feel like I'm not getting much, or expected to do very much.

    Is this just the nature of an MLIS program? I honestly am not quite sure what to do . . . Texas Women's University contacted me about my application. It got stalled, apparently, because my online application never processed through the grad office. I'm going to resubmit, but, then the question becomes how to pay for that??? Even with an out-of-state tuition waiver, it's still pricey . . . at least now that I'm working I could pay my way.

    So far, graduate school is NOT what i expected, and probably in a way completely different from most students.

Monday, January 22, 2007

bad beginnings

    Two weeks into the new semester and we've hardly started our online classes. The chat platform for class was impossible to access Monday night until 45 minutes into one class. The other was simply an orientation chat, so this week we will cover three chapters in discussion (the two from last week and the one for this week).

    At this point, I'm not too crazy about these online courses. I feel very disoriented, like I am always forgetting to do something . . . LIKE GOING TO CLASS!?!?!

    I am keeping up with the reading. That's not a problem. I do have to concentrate to keep the different due dates and chat times straight for the two classes, and what's associated with which class! I spent an evening integrating the syllabi into one schedule, which should help keep me more organized.

    Did I say how boring the texts are?? The extra readings are interesting, though, so that's something. The texts, however . . . I just keep thinking, "What is your point, mister??"

    For today, I'm going to try to split my day between pleasure, chores, and papers/reading. We've had only two days of sunshine in two weeks of rain -- and now the rain (and cold) is back. Blech!